Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Cold Cuts Amazing Atmosphere by Jacob Krueger

(The picture is taken from Jacob Krueger's website. He's the one attending with the hat!)

Cold Cuts is a free monthly reading series designed to give students the instant gratification and experience of hearing their work performed out-loud in-front of a live audience within days, hours, minutes of writing it.
Writers bring in 8 – 10 pages from their latest screenplay and trained actors get cast on the spot.
Cold Cuts takes place the first Thursday of every month at 8pm @ CSV Center 107 Suffolk St, NYC map

Get Involved

Cold Cuts is open to anyone currently enrolled in a class* at Jacob Krueger Studio.  Sign up for classes now! Simply show up, put your name in the hat, and if your name is called then next month your pages will be read!

Cold Cuts is always on the lookout for smart actors who enjoy developing new work. If this sounds like you please submit your head shot and resume below and you will be contacted shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Participate?
1.) Anyone Can Attend For Free
2.) To Submit Work You Must Be Currently Enrolled in a Screenwriting Workshop or    Master Class at Jacob Krueger Studio.
3.) Seminar Attendees are Not Eligible

What About Casting & Rehearsal?
1.) Your Work Will Be Read By Our Troupe of Professional NYC Actors.
2.) This is a Cold Reading Series Which Means There Is No Rehearsal or Auditions.
3.) All Scenes Are Cast On The Spot The Day of the Event.
4.) You Can Submit Your Pages Weeks, Days, or Even Minutes Before Your Performance.

Why Cold Readings?
Cold readings are often far more valuable for writers than readings that have been directed and rehearsed.  That’s because they give you a sense of how readers are interpreting your work and your characters with the turn of each page—just like a producer will do when they read your script..  Often, by following their impulses, actors will reveal hidden layers in your script that you didn’t even know were there.  And even elements that get misinterpreted can open doors for your writing, showing you new pathways to explore, or confusions to address in your next draft.

Can You Cast Your Own Actors?
If you have a highly specialized role that requires a specific actor, you are welcome to do your own casting.  Just let us know in advance.  We encourage you NOT to hold rehearsals or to coach your actors so you can get the full benefit of the cold reading experience.

Should You Invite Producers
You are welcome to invite anyone you want to your reading.  However please remember that the main goal of Cold Cuts is not to present perfectly polished work, but to help you develop your screenplay, by understanding how an audience reacts to an early draft.

I’ve Never Done a Reading Before.  What if My Scene Isn’t Good?
Bring us your tired, your poor!   Cold Cuts welcomes your great scenes, but it’s also a place to try out the stuff you’re struggling with, the scenes that you’re not sure about, and the ones that take huge risks and either fail or succeed boldly.  By watching the audience and listening to the actors, you’ll learn what really works and what really doesn’t.  And some of the answers may surprise you.

Do I Have To Pay The Actors?
All of our actors are volunteering their time and their talent.  There is no need for financial compensation, but they sure appreciate it if you buy them a drink!

Want To Participate as an Actor?
Are you an actor, or do you know a great actor who would be a perfect addition for our troupe? Great! Actors can sign up here.

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