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English Boards Layout at Writer's PlayBook

Forum Bulletin

Sub-boards: English: Welcome, Greek: Καλώς Ήρθατε
At this space you can introduce yourselves, talk about you but also learn news relevant with the Forum, its members as well as ways to interact faster and more effectively
Yeses & Noes
Sub-boards: English: Yeses & Noes, Greek: Τα Ναι & Τα Όχι
Here you learn details but also tactics so that you can write within a frame of respect and avoid risks relevant with your way of writing and topic’s choice
The First Studios
Sub-boards: English: The First Studios, Greek: Τα πρώτα στούντιο
It has to do with the vision of Writer’s PlayBook. You can learn news about activities and innovative ideas

Fantasy Realms

Sub-boards: English: Wizardry, Greek: Μαγεία
What is magic and how is it attributed exactly in a script? Fairytales’ chests open and gift you enjoyable moments. You can write your stories and narrate fantasy scenarios in fantasy worlds
World Building
Sub-boards: English: World Building, Greek: Το χτίσιμο του κόσμου
At this space you can talk analytically about how exactly you imagine a fantasy realm, its places, its contradictions, its value systems but also its own nature
Role Playing
Sub-boards: English: Role Playing, Greek: Παιχνίδια ρόλων
It has to do with the meaning of undertaking roles in scenarios, games, real situations but also versions aiming problem solving. Freely narrate within an empire of heroism
Plot Function & Dreaming
Sub-boards: English: Plot Function & Dreaming, Greek: Η λειτουργία της πλοκής & Όνειρα
Dreams, past and future, destiny but also unique secrets, all have its place in the evolution of plot and scenario. At this space you can step into your character’s shoes and dream

Creative Writing

Writers' Elixir
Sub-boards: English: Writer's Elixir, Greek: Το ελιξήριο του συγγραφέα
What is it that makes lovers of writing quest inspiration, continuity, youth and at least this constructed feeling of immortality in their writings?
Dramatic Writing
Sub-boards: English: Dramatic Writing, Greek: Δραματική συγγραφή
Can you imagine a script or a book in cinema terms? Freely narrate stories and metaphors
Writers Are Lovers
Sub-boards: English: Writers Are Lovers, Greek: Οι συγγραφείς είναι εραστές
A journey to the mapping of the creator’s soul and his laws of attraction. What is it that makes a script regress between the writer and its readers?
PlayBooks & ChangeMakers
Sub-boards: English: PlayBooks & ChangeMakers, Greek: PlayBooks & Δημιουργοί Αλλαγών
The dream of the great change but also the rules of playing. Quite often it is being said, make us care and forget about the rules. Can you narrate experiences but also real initiatives?

Characters' Action

Art & Universal Voyagers
Sub-boards: English: Art & Universal Voyagers, Greek: Τέχνη & Κοσμικοί Ταξιδιώτες
Travelers in parallel worlds, which could be their profile, what do they seek above all and which are the upper questionings? How all of these are being attributed in Art terms?
Epic Elements & Action
Sub-boards: English: Epic Elements & Actions, Greek: Επικά Στοιχεία & Δράση
We can say that the epic is the majestic and the heroic. At this space we present samples of heroic fantasy and actions so that these can constitute an integrated script
Avatars, Sorcerers & Kings
Sub-boards: English: Avatars, Sorcerers & Kings, Greek: Άβαταρς, Μάγοι & Βασιλιάδες
At this place we present profiles and bios of characters, Avatars, Sorcerers & Kings in parallel with a basic concept with which they acquire being and action within a plot
Adventurers & Treasure Hunters
Sub-boards: English: Adventurers & Treasure Hunters, Greek: Τυχοδιώκτες & Κυνηγοί Θησαυρών
Adventurers and treasure hunters often create impressive scenarios so much in the field of literature and scenarios as well as electronic games. Can you describe such examples?

Poetic Writing

Sub-boards: English: Allegories, Greek: Αλληγορίες
Allegories are the use of metaphors but also symbolic ways so that a truth can be stated more schematically. At this space we express ideas poetically and lyrically, meaning based on metaphors but also personal feelings
Sub-boards: English: Emotion, Greek: Συναίσθημα
Quite often a sample of writing especially in the field of art and fantasy, is being constituted so much by fantasy, mythic but also emotional elements. Emphasizing emotion, can you narrate stories?
Dream Sharing
Sub-boards: English: Dream Sharing, Greek: Μοίρασμα Ονείρων
It is being said that sometimes an idea never dies. On the other hand there must be no confusion between dreams and reality. At this space we dare to dream and put ourselves into the stories
On Temptations
Sub-boards: English: On Temptations, Greek: Οι πειρασμοί
Temptations are these that appear during the journey of a man, so that they can test him, forge him and change his character. By criteria such as solidarity, friendship, values, freely narrate stories

The Legends Enliven

Andersen's Theme Park
Sub-boards: English: Andersen's Theme Park, Greek: Το θεματικό πάρκο του Άντερσεν
This is a thematic space in which Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytales revive, through characters’ narrations, in specific places and for entertaining purposes
Narnians' Theme Park
Sub-boards: English: Narnians' Theme Park, Greek: Το θεματικό πάρκο των Ναρνιανών
This is a thematic space in which stories from The Universe of Narnia revive, through characters’ narrations, in specific places and for entertaining purposes
Nils Holgersson's Theme Park
Sub-boards: English: Nils Holgersson's Theme Park, Greek: Το θεματικό πάρκο του Νιλς Χόλγκερσον
This is a thematic space in which stories from The Wonderful Journey of Nils Holgersson’s revive, through characters’ narrations, in specific places and for entertaining purposes
Wonderlands & Tomorrowlands
Sub-boards: English: Wonderlands & Tomorrowlands, Greek: Οι Χώρες των Θαυμάτων & Οι Χώρες του Αύριο
This is a space in which you create your own Wonderlands and Tomorrowlands, through characters’ narrations, in specific places and for entertaining purposes
Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft & Wizardry
Sub-boards: English: Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft & Wizardry, Greek: Το σχολείο μαγείας του Χόγκουορτς
This is a space in which stories from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter revive, through characters’ narrations, in specific places and for entertaining purposes

The Wizarding Forest

The Feast
Sub-boards: English: The Feast, Greek: Το Συμπόσιο
Into the forest of some fantasy land late in the afternoon, anonymous as a matter of fact characters are having fun, sing, dance, drink beers and enjoy their time together. Narrate freely
The Cosmic
Sub-boards: English: The Cosmic, Greek: Το Κοσμικό
Into the forest of some fantasy land there is an element, the cosmic element with which everyone and everything are interconnected. At this space we tell stories out of fairytale magic
The Alchemists
Sub-boards: English: The Alchemists, Greek: Οι Αλχημιστές
As Paulo Coelho says there are 3 kinds of Alchemists. Those who are vague because they don’t know what they’re talking about, those who are vague because they know what they’re talking about but also know these things address to the heart and not the mind and those who never heard about Alchemy but accomplished to develop The Philosopher’s Stone. At this space we tell stories about Alchemists
The Faerychildren
Sub-boards: English: The Faerychildren, Greek: Τα Νεραϊδοπαίδια
A fairy with a magic wand wrote the magic into the forest with the fairychildren. She is Minerva, inspired by the Goddess of wisdom and war. Can you see through her eyes?

Creative Hypermedia

Visual Arts
Sub-boards: English: Visual Arts, Greek: Οπτικές Τέχνες
At this space you can talk, create but also bring examples of Art forms with an intense visual element, whether this is two-dimensional or three-dimensional
Virtual Worlds
Sub-boards: English: Virtual Worlds, Greek: Εικονικοί Κόσμοι
At this space you can talk and create your own virtual reality but also narrate stories, as scenarios and even as games that simulate a situation of your interest
About Mixed Media
Sub-boards: English: About Mixed Media, Greek: Γύρω από τα Ανάμεικτα Μέσα
At this space you can talk but also create Art the way you perceive it through the combination of more than one creative but also artistic media
Animated Literature
Sub-boards: English: Animated Literature, Greek: Λογοτεχνία σε κίνηση
At this space you can talk about the combination of literature and motion in works of Art which you create or narrate through creative language

Fairytale Fantasy

Garden of Soul
Sub-boards: English: Garden of Soul, Greek: Το περιβόλι της ψυχής
At this space imagine a magical garden, the garden of soul and emotions of your own hero. An endless stairway of values and ideals that reaches up to the Gardens of Heaven. Can you describe it?
A Work Of Fairies
Sub-boards: English: A Work Of Fairies, Greek: Ένα έργο νεράιδων
Have you ever wondered, in fairytales, how nature gets its clothing, meaning the ingredients with which it develops and evolves? It’s all a work of fairies. Would you like us to travel together?
The Magic Castle
Sub-boards: English: The Magic Castle, Greek: Το μαγικό κάστρο
A Castle may has libraries, secret passages, crypts, magical equipment, works of art at its walls, half-darkened rooms, gates to other worlds… Freely narrate its stories and travel with us
The Goblet Of Light
Sub-boards: English: The Goblet Of Light, Greek: Το κύπελλο του φωτός
Goblet of Light is the trophy of a team, a tribe, a world or a house, when many like them fight to conquest the meaning of good battle. Which could be these battles?

Brands & Lands

Sub-boards: English: Inception, Greek: Απαρχή
At this space we describe a magical land and a magical civilization through which ideas are born, characters are being portrayed and economies are being developed. Describe their Inception
Branding & Writing
Sub-boards: English: Branding & Writing, Greek: Μπράντα & Συγγραφή
Branding oneself as a writer, professional or not, means to describe his voice at its most authentic version, the voice that comes directly from the subconscious. Would you like to test different voices at your scripts?
Themed Attractions
Sub-boards: English: Themed Attractions, Greek: Θεματικά Αξιοθέατα
It has to do with a thematic space, in which spaces, places and in general thematic attractions are being described, through characters and aiming entertainment
Themed Restaurants
Sub-boards: English: Themed Restaurants, Greek: Θεματικά Restaurants
It has to do with a space in which thematic restaurants are being described, people and conversations during dinner, through characters and aiming entertainment
Themed Coffeehouses
Sub-boards: English: Themed Coffeehouses, Greek: Θεματικά Καφέ
It has to do with a space in which thematic coffeehouses are being described, people and conversations during morning and afternoon coffee, through characters and aiming entertainment


Sub-boards: English: Recreation, Greek: Αναδημιουργία
Here you can create your own heroes, in their own places and with their own stories that will have something from the magic of Disney and fairtytales
Disney Parks
Sub-boards: English: Disney Parks, Greek: Πάρκα Ντίσνεϋ
Here you can narrate analytically moments of entertainment but also adventures in places that will have something from the magic of Disney and will give the sense of a magical park
Disney Youth
Sub-boards: English: Disney Youth, Greek: Νεολαία Ντίσνεϋ
It has to do with a space dedicated to youth. A space at which young people of all ages can talk, interact and entertain themselves having as a background a magical land at the colors of Disney
The Magic Kingdom
Sub-boards: English: The Magic Kingdom, Greek: Το Μαγικό Βασίλειο
The Magic Kingdom at Disney World has to do with Cinderella’s Castle and Princesses that live in it. What it means to live a Castle? How would a Disney Princess feel?

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